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In this portion of the journey, when steps forward and steps backward start to resemble a cha-cha more than a foot race, I sometimes wonder what is going on. As I write this people the insurance company sent are in my house packing up stuff that, only four months ago, finally had a place. Now, after the flood, it doesn’t. Again. After all that is salvageable leaves in a truck headed to a storage facility, the deconstruction people come to tear out walls I just painted and flooring we just laid. This week I rushed about trying to figure out what I might need in the next few months that I should store in bins in corners of the house that is still habitable. I was going a little nuts.

It felt like I was wallowing in hope deferred.

Then a friend (Godsend that she is) asked me if I would join her and paint during the worship portion of a conference. I was apprehensive about doing what I do in front of real live people (as opposed to anonymous readers). I am so done with performance and stage Christianity, but I decided that hiding is not much better. Besides, I needed to get out of the house – and they let me sit in a corner of the auditorium.

The first night I painted light streaming through the woods as the Lord spoke to me about shifting atmospheres in a way that brings light to dark places, but the idea for this painting, started the second day, formed before the first was even finished. I saw the red umbrella as a symbolic covering like the covering given by the blood over the doors at Passover and the covering given by Christ’s blood.  I saw a break in the clouds. I saw a pass in the mountains with a rainbow of promise over it.

I was also aware of the unseen shadowy valleys between happy greening hills covered with the yellow sunflowers of spring and the places where winter is reluctant to let go of its hold.

As I finished details that indicated a shifting atmosphere the phrase came to me: Promise IS breakthrough.

The answers God has provided to problems friends and family and people I am praying for around the world already exist. God, in his great mercy, takes us through hills and valleys and seasons of sun and storm to prepare us for the rigors of abundance, influence, and authority, but he promises breakthrough.

This weekend I heard, “Know who you are. Know whose you are. That’s your protection, your covering. Lift your eyes and see God’s plan. Quit hiding and move. This is going to be good.”

4 thoughts on “Breakthrough

  1. Oh yes, Charis, we have been in a season of character refinement. He wants us to have his character to handle the destiny he has for each one of us. He loves us so much and he never changes, no matter whether we do good or poorly. When I heard of your flood, immediately I thought of this: “But it is not the spiritual life which came first, but the physical and then the spiritual.” (1 Corinthians 15:46) You are going to have a flood of the Holy Spirit in your house and family. Get ready for the deluge. It is a time of breakthrough, Here in Alaska we have warmer temperatures that are melting the snow, then it snows more. Break-up is always a very messy time but it brings summer. God is breaking through our mess with promises fulfilled!


  2. Ruth

    Favourite words from you wonderful gift for seeing and stating your sense of fun and humour: “resemble a cha cha more than a foot race”

    Another gem: “Felt like I was wallowing in hope deferred”.

    Precious jewels of wisdom to take away – the entire last 3 paragraphs! A rich blessing to read this. Also re: “The answers God has provided to problems friends and family and people I am praying for around the world already exist. ” – there is yet an awesome answer to share with you.


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