A Different Kind of Savings Plan

flowers pansies rs ch IMG_7097

My little flock, don’t be afraid. God is your Father, and your Father’s great joy is to give you His kingdom.

That means you can sell your possessions and give generously to the poor. You can have a different kind of savings plan: one that never depreciates, one that never defaults, one that can’t be plundered by crooks or destroyed by natural calamities. Your treasure will be stored in the heavens, and since your treasure is there, your heart will be lodged there as well.

(Luke 12:32-34 The Voice)

God’s version of prosperity may be bigger and more freeing than you think.

And very different.



2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Savings Plan

  1. Lois Martin

    Gorgeous pansies, Charis! And the passage is both comforting and challenging. Praying God’s comfort, strength, and blessings as you persevere in these stressful times.


    1. Thanks, Lois. These were in the greenhouse. I needed a break and the nursery is one of my favourite places to go. It’s so full of potential this time of year.
      God is faithful and we are still learning more all the time.


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