Written in Blood

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Some of the things I post are written in blood. My blood. They have cost me plenty and were a struggle to write, but I knew there was gold in them.

Apparently no one else, or at least very few, noticed the glitter.

I don’t check blog stats most of the time anymore. I am realizing that some concepts I struggle to articulate are mostly the result of my need to process something that matters only to me and perhaps a handful of others. They are not without value — just without hits.

Some of the things I’ve posted are more like quick sketches on the back of a junk mail envelope. Sometimes something I wrote in 15 minutes catches the attention of readers. A friend with a large following shared one of those recently. Within a few hours I received an unexpected notification from WordPress that it was receiving thousands of hits. (Thanks, PM.) I desperately wanted to go back and fix some details, the kind of awkward bits I am nose-blind to until I sniff around from the vicarious position of an expected house guest, but too late.

I wonder what it was like for serious composers who spent years struggling to write symphonies and operas and oratorios only to have their reputation hang on a simple song they wrote for a local playhouse because they needed quick rent money. Bobby McFerrin is a brilliant classical and jazz musician. What is he known for? Don’t Worry. Be Happy (which I actually enjoy listening to on gloomy rainy days like this one.)

Fans are fickle. God is committed to my good. I need a reminder not to get them confused. He showed us how to be who he created us to be when wrote his message in blood long before anyone (including me) had any idea of what he was talking about.

For an audience of one.

(But you can read this too — if you want to.)

14 thoughts on “Written in Blood

  1. Charis, your blog is one I enjoy reading. My favorites are the posts that you write rather than the quotes. The photos you take draw me into your message. You do it for an audience of One but I am glad you let us read each post! Blessings!

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  2. Marion

    I am not one to comment much on social media but I have to say : please keep sharing. You touch something so deep inside me and I read everything you post Your gift with words and beautiful photography blesses me. Thank you.


    1. Wow, Marion, you have encouraged me today. Thank you so much for extending yourself to comment on social media when it is not something you usually do. I truly appreciate it. Blessings on your day!


  3. I haven’t been around lately, but I want to say, even though I know what it’s like to write stuff that nobody reads or few respond to, do know that there are surely posts that do touch people and people do read but don’t necessarily respond to. I know I have quite appreciated some of your posts as well as your photography.


    1. Thank you, Kristina. This wasn’t meant to be a whiny poor-me-I-don’t-get-enough-attention-thing. It’s more about taking stock of my heart and re-aligning it with my Maker’s. But I do appreciate you taking time to be an encourager. Bless you!


      1. It’s so funny to read this because I feel exactly the same as a blogger 😉 It’s become a truism to me that my best writing will be ignored while my most read posts are things I dash off without much thought or finesse. But you’re right: ultimately, it’s the audience of One that matters most. I pray you are blessed in Him 🙂


      2. I thought you would understand. You write some pretty profound stuff. Maybe there will be a posthumous Nobel prize in the works for you, lol. Keep up your diligent pursuit of truth. Abba absolutely adores you, you know.

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  4. Spot on thoughts here. Totally relate. I am reminded of the Bible verse about God seeing what is done in secret–I wonder if that also applies to all those things we write for ‘an audience of one’


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