I Will Remember

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This is how I fight my battles. I paint my prayers. I started this piece at class on Monday eve, but it was not right. Too dark. I worked on it some more this evening.

Since Easter I have been running into the word “Remember.” Jesus’ last supper with his disciples was important. When you are on your way out you tend to make sure you talk about the things that matter most. He talked about remembering his broken body and spilled blood every time we take bread and wine together. He washed his friends’ feet as a demonstration of a servant’s attitude, but also as a reminder, especially to Peter, that we cannot do this on our own. We need Him. We must let him help us before we can help others.

We also need to let other disciples help us and admit when we are weak. This is about family and relationship and the giving and taking goes both ways. On Sunday I was on the prayer team and prayed for others. Tonight I am praying for my sixteen-year old granddaughter who is an exchange student in France. We just learned she is in hospital after a head injury.  I am also asking friends to come alongside and pray for her and for her parents and brother and us, her grandparents who are all a continent and ocean away.

This is my painted prayer. Bread, wine, water, basin, towel, candle. “Remember.” I remember all he has done for us and I praise and thank him. Jesus is the light of the world. God is love. He is faithful.

7 thoughts on “I Will Remember

  1. My heart and prayers are with you all. Cannot begin to imagine how awful it must feel to be so far away. As a mom my heart goes out especially to her mom. May God give you all the Grace you each need at this time. Celt.


    1. Thank you Her Mom just lost her step-father this week and she really appreciates prayer. But good news! We just heard that the doctors think our granddaughter should recover in a few weeks. She is being discharged tomorrow and should be able to fly home in a few days. God is good.


  2. Charis, so glad to hear your granddaughter is doing better. Our Daddy God, has no distance and is holding her close to him. Love your painting prayer! I am sure not one of the disciples of Jesus forgot his tender love for them as he washed their feet and dried them. Also the sharing of the bread and wine at the Passover seder. All the little things mean so much! I know the assurance and presence of Jesus is holding you and your family up and comforting you during this time. God is so good!


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