Paying Attention


“Beauty is there to be noticed. Too often it is taken for granted because we are moving too fast to let it in and allow it to deliver its message in us. We need to pay attention. To show indifference to beauty is an insult to its Creator.”

– Luci Shaw

I am moving slowly, but at least I am moving. I took a walk around the block today. I still spend a lot of time lying on the couch.

My husband brought me flowers. I put them in a pink vase on the coffee table.

Then the sun came out.

5 thoughts on “Paying Attention

  1. I’m assuming then you had to have surgery? I feel awful that I failed to keep up with what was happening with you when I did know you had a serious health issue. I hope and pray you are recovering physically. I see that, in regards to seeing the beauty and good around you, you still are. May He shower you with blessings in the midst of this suffering. Praying and sending you a message of love and care.


      1. Ruth

        Good news! Continuing to pray for you. I am rejoicing today because I finally feel good and have stopped coughing after over six weeks with a respiratory virus. Praising God for healing!

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      2. I was praying for you just as I was falling asleep last night and sorta woke up with the word “papaya” in my head. Wondered about it and then remembered my many years ( a lifetime) of indigestion (other family members have had genetic testing and were found to be missing an important digestive enzyme. Anyway years ago I was greatly helped by papaya even recently was ill again and bought one It healed that spell. So for what that’s worth to you, if it’s from the Lord, he will let you know. I love you and am hoping and praying for healing and comforting solutions.


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