Don’t be worried with evil workers
or envy the gains of people with all-wrong-upside-down ways.

Soon enough they will wither like grass,
like green herbs fading in summer’s heat.

Believe in the Eternal, and do what is good—
live in the land He provides; roam, and rest in God’s faithfulness.

Take great joy in the Eternal!
His gifts are coming, and they are all your heart desires!

Commit your path to the Eternal; let Him direct you.
Put your confidence in Him, and He will follow through with you.

He will spread out righteousness for you
as a sunrise spreads radiance over the land;
He will deliver justice for you into the light of the high sun.

Be still. Be patient. Expect the Eternal to arrive and set things right.
Don’t get upset when you see the worldly ones rising up the ladder.
Don’t be bothered by those who are anchored in wicked ways.

So turn from anger. Don’t rage,
and don’t worry—these ways frame the doorway to evil.

Besides, those who act from evil motives will be cut off from the land;
but those who wait, hoping in the Eternal, will enjoy its riches.

(Psalm 37:1-9 The Voice)

2 thoughts on “Expect

  1. Pat Joyce

    I needed this–the election here in the states seems so critical and yet I know God is in charge! Will be glad when it is over and we see whether there is any hope for another chance.


    1. There is always hope. This election is critical to people outside of the USA as well. We are very much affected here but we have no vote – which is just as well because it frees me up to realize I have no control anyway. Fretting is rather pointless (she says, after fretting and actually losing sleep over the revelations of the past few days.) Instead I am learning to listen and ask God what he is doing and how I can align with him and pray in agreement.

      Interesting times. Wowsers, can you believe he chose to place us in the middle of it? This morning I had a reminder to step back and see the big picture and consider that his definition of “soon” and mine are not necessarily the same.

      He’s got a plan, Joyce. And his plans are always for good.


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