I, I, I count my blessings

lavender IMG_2389

This song is playing in my head this morning. “I Count My Blessings.”

As the sun dawned on me (lying in bed but awake far too early) the thought dawned on me: You know, life is pretty good when your fret quotient is filled with worries about stuff and lack of storage space.

I have stuff.
I have a beautiful family.
Our children are excellent parents.
Our grandchildren love and are loved.
I have friends around the world with whom I can connect in the Spirit.
I have a Saviour who brings me into the throne room of the King of Kings and Creator of the Universe.
I have the Holy Spirit who lives in me and reminds me of songs about counting blessings.

And I have an old CD of the Nylons that I found again after one of my kids hid it twenty years ago because I played it on every road trip.


2 thoughts on “I, I, I count my blessings

  1. Paul

    Very cool song Charis. It is something I catch myself doing – taking God’s Grace for granted. I needed the reminder. Keep upthe good work – oh,and the song was a great blast from the past


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