Stop and Smell the Roses

roses and tree ch IMG_2283 (2)

I’m running away.

I’m tired of ugly words. I’ve read too many words by frightened people pointing out other people’s sins and stupidity  today.

And now I’m doing it too.

I’m not burying my head in the sand; I’m burying it in the roses.

red roses diagonal ch IMG_2252

We drove down to Sandpoint, Idaho for a break (and to buy corn tortillas and a brand of cheese we can’t get here.) I stopped the car for a moment to get something out of the trunk. Then I looked up and saw, in this place for stopping and doing nothing (a parking lot), hundreds of roses blooming on the embankment below a busy highway.

red roses close ch IMG_2282

It was a reminder to literally stop and smell the roses.

roses IMG_2295 (2)

Can I admit that lately I have found that any time I have been invited to join a group with “Christian” in the title it is nearly always an invitation to entertain contentious frightened people’s conflicting opinions? I long for a place where followers in Christ live in peace and joy. A place where it is said of these people, “Look at how they love each other.”

red rose ch IMG_2254

In the meantime I will try to remember to stop for a rose and see it as a gift from the One who is peace, joy and love.


Thank you, Lord, for your generous provision of beauty where we least expect it.



9 thoughts on “Stop and Smell the Roses

  1. Paul

    Isn’t it amazing how God provides that special surprise just when you most need it? Imagine, those roses were out of the view of the passers-by. It is like they were put there just for you and you alone by God. Much as His love for you is personal and only between you and Him.


    1. It is amazing, Paul. To clarify the flowers were out of view of the cars on the highway but not out of view of people who drove past it on their way to the beach. Still the parking lot was nearly empty and it did feel like a special gift.

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  2. this is such an awesome post! thank you for your touching thoughts and courage to express what’s in your heart…i can totally agree with you…longing for true hearts is far and few between these days…
    i’m so glad you found your “word” today and were led to the throne room to smell the roses, the rose of sharon, the one and only who rose up and was the epitome of love…
    you’re such an amazing writer, your words paint pictures and hit home…
    this post really touched me, it made me think deeper, it helped me understand a little more of what’s important.
    it’s funny that i just bought two rose bushes and put them in pots instead of in the ground so i can keep them on my porch and admire their beauty through the summer…
    now i will never look at them the same again!!! i will remember to “stop and smell the roses”…i will meditate on the love that’s needed and pray i can be a part of that movement!
    thank you again, you’re an amaing writer(i know i said that lol) but you are…
    have a beautiful day


    1. You know, Selah, my daughter taught me that it is ok to ask Jesus for a “rose” a day. Then keep your eyes open. Sometimes it’s an unexpected poem in a gift shop, or a reflection in a puddle or a real flower -something personal between the two of you. He loves you and his love living in you already makes you a part of that movement.

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  3. Charis,the roses are beautiful and I could smell their fragrance through your post. Thank you for sharing their beauty and refreshment. The roses have thorns just as Christians do. We don’t fight against flesh and blood but powers of darkness. It is the nasty spirit of religion that causes the problems. Christians kill their wounded and there is often no peace. Jesus called the religious of his day, vipers or snakes. They bite and kill with their poison. God, however, called to one of the most religious terrorists, in answer to Stephen’s prayer of forgiveness, as he was stoned to death.. Saul of Tarsus met Jesus on the road to Damascus and was transformed. He was blind but when prayed for by an obedient believer, the scales (snake scales) fell off of his eyes and he regained his sight. He was radically changed due to prayer of forgiveness. Saul had thought he knew God but was instead involved in religion not intimate relationship with his Creator. Prayer and love transformed this man caught in the snare of religion. My prayer is for Christians to meet Jesus, know him and be transformed from the inside out by his love. May refreshment from heaven flow over you, Charis!


    1. Wow, Hazel, I had never noticed the connection with scales before. In my dream symbolism snakes often represent lies. Good one.
      “My prayer is for Christians to meet Jesus, know him and be transformed from the inside out by his love.”

      Amen amen amen.

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      1. Yes, Charis, it goes back to the garden of Eden, when Eve was deceived by the serpent. She forgot her true identity of being created in God’s image and believed the lie. Enter the spirit of religion, serpents or snakes and scales on the eyes. The mercy of God and his love brings them to repentance. Thank God for his redeeming and transforming love.


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