Step Home


“In the rush and noise of life, as you have intervals, step home within yourselves and be still. Wait upon God, and feel His good presence; this will carry you evenly through your day’s business.”
– William Penn

This has been a week of rush and noise. Literally and figuratively.

Actually, it’s been flat out crazy. At times the stuff happening around us has been so over the top all I can do is laugh and say, “God? It’s yours. There is no way I can keep up to this. I know you have a plan and you can use anything as raw material so here you go. Take this noise in my heart and this worrisome rushing about because you paid for it. It’s not doing me any good. If you would replace it with your peace I would be ever so grateful.”

After a night of very little sleep I got up well before dawn to pray. I was ready to go into “war mode” when I felt him say, “Be still.” I waited. “In an atmosphere of quietness and confidence you will find your trust.”

In spite of the urgency of the situation this time I sat still and refrained from giving God advice as I waited for his presence.

I realized that IS war mode. Positioning ourselves in peace and confidence in the One who is faithful is like sitting on a huge rock beside a rushing river. The water changes course. The rock does not.

Later that day I received news that He answered in a way that was better than I imagined.

We face another situation this week to which I can see no solution that will be satisfying to everybody involved. This post is another sermon-to-self. I am reminding myself to step home within myself to find the One who promised to never leave. I am learning to wait and be still. It doesn’t come naturally, but He’s working on changing me.

His good presence will carry us through.

5 thoughts on “Step Home

  1. thanks for the great post! this reminded me of God telling me to let Him order my day…i figured He was right lol…this post confirmed for me i need to rest and trust in Him…He really does know best 😉


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