Love Expels Fear

Morning Glory

Love will never invoke fear.

Perfect love expels fear,

particularly the fear of punishment.

The one who fears punishment has not been completed through love.

We love because He has first loved us.

(1 John 4:18,19)

The thing about fear is that once you are influenced by it you can be convinced to distrust your own sense of who God is and who you are and hand over spiritual discernment to “the experts” because they claim “extenuating circumstances.” This is how every major cult has started (including the philosophical movements that claim to be non-religious). It’s uncanny how often it manifests first in paranoia-based views of the future, followed by rigid authoritarian hierarchical structures, then strange attitudes toward sex and marriage and family structure. History repeats itself.

The thing about love is that it does not manipulate or coerce. Jesus’ love sets us free.

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