13 thoughts on “Light, Love, Joy

  1. Wow – broke out the big guns with a quote from Andrew Murray. 8^). I love his sermon “Absolute Surrender” although I confess I have not read enough of his work. My mother went home to Heaven last year, and as I go through the house sorting books, I am frequently reminded of how many good books she selected over the years. Frequently adding her own thoughts or scripture quotations in the margins. A godly woman whom I miss – but can’t think about too much without missing _too_ much.

    Thanks for your beautiful artwork and wonderful quote. Also, thank you for liking my “Losing Light and Focus – I” blog post.


    1. I do like your blog, Mr. Scott!
      I wonder if Mr. Murray would ever have considered himself a big gun. Somehow I think he would have been more likely to glory in the weakness that sent him to the Strong.
      I think you also understand where your strength lies.


      1. I’m sure you’re right about Mr. Murray. One doesn’t get that spiritually deep without shedding any selfish airs one may have. Have you ever seen video of Richard Wurmbrand speak? He was a Romanian pastor who suffered under both the Nazis and the Communists for many years. After his final release, he founded Voice of the Martyrs, which supports Christians under persecution around the world.

        Given the torture that he endured, you could well imagine a broken, morose, solemn individual. But he shows the greatest humility, forgiveness, and simple joy. His writings are very deep – but also very accessible. If you haven’t read him before, he’s well worth it.

        And thank you for all the kind words about my blog. Yes, God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness…


      2. I haven’t seen the video, but for some reason i just saw a book by this man on my coffee table. Seriously. Just lying there. I have no idea where it came from. Do you think I should read it?


  2. Lynn Hare

    Hello Melody,

    Do you have any subscriptions for your delightful blog that come via email less frequently? I love your writing. I love your posts. But I have a hard time keeping up with them . . .every day. It’d be nice to stay in touch – maybe weekly or twice a week?

    Blessings, Lynn


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