To His Delight

IMG_8104 crows sunset trees spring

He set me down in a safe place;
He saved me to His delight; He took joy in me.

(Psalm 18:19)

For someone who feared not being good enough for God and being a constant source of disappointment to him and to others most of my life, this verse has been hard to accept. I am a source of delight to him? He takes joy in me?

Renewing the mind is not all about changing our thoughts on how to do things better. It is learning to be a beloved human being instead of a stressed-out human doing. It is learning to see ourselves as God sees us – worth the effort of saving.


Because it is his delight.

Because I am a source of joy to him.

Because you are a source of joy to him.

Just meditate on that for a moment.

How profound a life-change  is that?

IMG_8105 crow tree sunset vertical

10 thoughts on “To His Delight

  1. It was under the same trees (different season) that I came to this realization. I was 13 and fighting through adolescent fun-stuff. This post makes my heart rejoice loudly! Praise the Lord for His delight is pure and joyful…….and is found in me!!


  2. How wonderful to discover, that in Christ we are taken in to the beloved one and are beloved.
    You have written a wonderful meditation for the soul. Be blessed “in Him” !!!


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