L’heure exquise

Henderson Lake

L’heure exquise

(English translation)

The white moon shines in the forest,

From every branch comes forth a voice,

Under the foliage.

Oh beloved!

The pond, a deep mirror, reflects

The silhouette of the dark willow,

Where the wind cries.

Let’s dream, ’tis the hour!

A vast and tender calm

Seems to descend from the firmament,

Iridescent with stars;

‘Tis the exquisite hour!



He brought me to the banqueting house of wine, and his banner over me was love. (Song of Solomon 2:4)

2 thoughts on “L’heure exquise

    1. Going by the stats on this post a lot of people agree with us. It seems to be especially popular with Koreans readers (or listeners).
      Thank you for visiting this blog, beautiful Korean people.
      And thank you, Elizabeth for taking the time to comment. I’ve heard it was a great play.


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