Wintered Over on the Window Ledge

wintered geraniums frosty window
Everything hasty

gone to seed

Bedside prayers

rise silent

from hearts in despair

Glory gone but

hope rises like tomorrow’s dawn

Joy smiles wisely

under confetti skies

Gentle snow

clings diligently to

frost-blown pane

Greater still the glory

dying like evening sun

bringing glory

to glory

Promise in wilderness rest

product of grace fulfilled

in time

Shalom –

nothing missing

everything in place

4 thoughts on “Wintered Over on the Window Ledge

  1. Bonnie W

    Especially poignant! Prayers for your friend. Another year closes. Soon, 7 years w/o his presence! His Grin! His humor! His hugs! Your friend ‘needs’ a friend who will just listen and write her poetry. I think you are the chosen!
    But with great joy I wish you a very happy new year of His live and presence with everyday you face. And light in the night!


    1. You are a person who understands, Bonnie. In spite of your great pain you demonstrate joy and are a light to others. Your husband was -and is- a wonderful man. May you feel closer to the Saviour even this night.


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