Love Song

In 1975, a month after we moved across the country to Vancouver, British Columbia, I had a miscarriage.

Between October and January that year, there was only one day I remember that wasn’t made even darker by oppressively low clouds. We lived in a dark closet-less basement suite with the circulated scent of our upstairs neighbours’ love of curried cauliflower wafting through the heat vents accompanied by the sound of their favourite ethnic music crackling through an intercom that didn’t shut off.

My husband worked long hours teaching and doing post-doctoral research amid the publish-or-perish culture of the university. The new church we went to had a nursery room without a speaker connected to the sanctuary. I sat alone with a hyperactive toddler in that room week after week just for the chance to connect with someone in the foyer after the service.

I was exhausted. I was depressed. I was profoundly lonely. I was in mourning for a child no one but my husband and I knew had existed. Not one to hide my feelings easily, I’m sure I probably gave obvious nonverbal clues that I was not exactly a ball of fun then.

One person reached out to me. On impulse, Sandy, the only other young mom in the congregation, bought a record album for us. Back in the basement suite, I put on earphones and played it over and over. Her kindness made a huge difference in my life. Love Song was the name of the band made up of hippies on the fringe of society in California. A pastor opened the door that allowed these diamonds in the rough play their new music in his church.

The story of that pastor and the people affected by his choice to open the doors is featured in the movie, “Jesus Revolution” which opens next week. The message that healed my aching heart is still real. Feel the love.

6 thoughts on “Love Song

      1. Lois Martin

        I thank God for you! So many people blame God, when only good comes from Him. Satan has most people believing his lies that God sends us all kinds of harm.


      2. Oh my word, Lois. So many people have been cut off from God, and even blocked the path for others to respond to God because they don’t know that God is good.

        He’s not tame. He doesn’t take direction from us. He doesn’t indulge hurtful ways, but he is good. He came to set the captive free.


  1. Ahh! I didn’t know anyone (until now) who had ever heard of Long Song, and their iconic song. I own one LP album, for some reason, and it’s theirs. It’s got such a pretty cover. Praise Him, for using that music at a very hard time in your life. It seems to be happening, that seeds planted way back then, are starting to bear fruit now.


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