2 thoughts on “Whisper

  1. I agree! So blessed knowing that when my car’s broken, insurance hung up in bureaucracy, right hand finger’s broken making normal tasks harder, cold cold outside – see I’m having a hard time remembering all the roadblocks – oh yes – cataracts make reading difficult, remote for Apple TV is lost, phone battery only holds a short charge etc – all those formerly frustrating things today point me to a Lord who loves to see me slow down and rest in His holy presence! I love being with the Lover of my Soul. Thank you Sister! What a pretty photo and I admire you for getting outside in snow.


    1. Thank you. The snow waited until December and it feels all lovely and Christmassy out there. Someone told me that frustration is a sign that I need an upgrade in tools to deal with stuff like the stuff on your list, because whatever I am using, it ain’t good enough. That’s when it’s definitely time to quiet my heart and listen. I hope to remember to do it sooner.


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