The Sun is Coming Back!

alpen glow wycliffe road 2 IMG_6416

I picked up a nasty case of the flu this week. My health has improved so much in the last few years that I am rather impatient with illness now. I’m reminded of what life used to be like when I just accepted sickness as “God’s will for my life,” never considering that maybe it wasn’t.

I used to take pride in myself as an overcomer, pushing through pain to accomplish something greater than expected – under the circumstances. Then one day, after someone asked what it would cost me to be well, I realized an overcomer needs things to overcome to preserve their reputation. I was subconsciously creating a place for chronic sickness as part of my identity. Quite frankly, I enjoyed a lifestyle that drafted caretakers and gave me an excuse to remain uncommitted to future projects. I was insulted by the question, but oh, it was a good one. That was a humbling moment.

Am I a healthy person now? Healthier, yes, but I still wait on the Lord for a number of things that are still disordered. But I’ve passed the postulated sell-by dates more than once and have seen some chronic conditions go away. In November hearing loss in my left ear was restored after kind people prayed for me. (Thank you, Lord!) Now it’s wonky again because of a block of mucous that feels like it takes up more space in my head than my brain, but this too shall pass.

I was thinking about set-backs and the number of dear people I know who have felt the disappointment of set-backs in all sorts of areas in this past year, or even this past month. Then I decided to come against the woe-is-me stuff in a different spirit. I started thinking about gains for which to be thankful.

Here’s one. I just checked. Since December 21st the valley has gained 9.13 more minutes of sunlight a day. For me that’s like the Dow Jones surging upwards for ten days straight.

I’m recycling a photo today because I haven’t been outside for a while. But hey, the sun is coming back, and I rejoice in hope.




5 thoughts on “The Sun is Coming Back!

  1. Charis, good things including more Light is ahead! Our journey helps us see better. Wonderful to hear your hearing was restored. Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year! Your latter days will be much better than your former days!


  2. Ruth

    2016 has been an amazingly happy year, for me – full of changes, challenges and unknowns but in the midst of it all, a most powerful knowledge that God is exactly who He says in His Word that He is. Wonderful things that He has prepared for us await in 2017! I’m praying for you to have patience and daily renewal of hope for clear breathing, and plenty of energy to accomplish what God will have you do. Thank you for this post: the photo is a testimony to the glory and power of our Creator.


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