3 thoughts on “Just Thinking

  1. Paul

    Intriguing sentence Charis. I don’t accept it as a given – although I would likely agree that right now it is literally true. To me God thinks – with power that we will never understand,but still He thinks. At one point He thought about creating the Universe or the universe would be eternal and it is not – it had a beginning and it appears as if it will end at some point (new suns are not being born as fast as the present ones are aging). I suspect that once He established the Universe, the outcome was fixed, so little would occur to Him as He would know all the possible ways the outcome could evolve. That said, I am sure that He does not know all the details of how the end will come, as He made us fearfully with choice. To me, it is that choice that is the critical component of the universe. With it we can choose to move towards Him or we can choose to move away from Him. if He knew how all would happen,then He would have created he Universe for nothing as it would just be an extension of Him. Instead, trough Grace, He gave us the ability to choose. This is a big subject so I’ll leave it there, but this argument is why I think we are so important to God – after all what difference would our puny existence have compared to God, unless we had free choice.

    May the Lord bless you Charis.


    1. Interesting. I didn’t see the statement in terms of free will. I often say, “It just occurred to me…” when I have a new thought about him -a revelation. It’s like I hear the Lord responding, “Yeah. I know, right?”

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