4 thoughts on “Sunrise, Banff Park

    1. I think you need to choose to “unfollow” up in the left hand corner, as email notices are sent by WordPress only to those who have requested them. I never send email notices myself and would certainly never harass someone with unwanted emails intentionally. I apologize if this has been a problem for you.

      There are some WordPress bloggers who I look forward to reading and I ask for notice whenever they publish something. For others (especially non-Wordpress blogs) I use a blog service (bloglovin) myself to try to control the amount of mail I get from blogs. This way I can get one email for a lot of blogs I like and skim through them when I have time. I’ve been trying to cut down on the housework required to manage my email as well.

      If you are on WordPress you can go to your reader and edit “Blogs I follow” to receive emails instantly, on a daily, or weekly basis, or not at all. I do enjoy going through the feed of blogs I follow at my leisure without feeling like I am being pressured to respond immediately.

      Personal friends will find links on my Facebook page which can easily be scrolled past. Part of my discipline as a writer is the goal of blogging daily (with breaks for rest and vacation). Please do not feel obliged to read all of them -or any of them. I won’t be hurt.


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