Grace Like Rain Pouring

rain IMG_2674


It’s raining. Again.

This may be the coolest, wettest July I have experienced in years. Our grandchildren are here and we have not been able to hike or go to the beach even once. The sun comes out and by the time we get our act together it’s raining again.

Now when you live in the middle of thousands of hectares of fuel in the form of forest summer rains are usually welcome – except when you want to go to the beach with the kids. This is unseasonable. Different.

This morning I read about an explanation of the Greek words of a phrase in Romans 5:20 – “but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” The tense here means sin that is continually increasing. It also means grace that is continually increasing exponentially more.

Grace upon grace upon grace…

This has been a week where we have seen sin increase. Shootings, riots, the murder of innocents, the fall of trusted leaders, the exposure of faulty foundations, division, exploitation, panic…

It’s horrible actually. To all appearances sin is increasing and there is nothing we can do about it except (as some propose) to await for for evil to gain so much control over the world that God will zap his people off the planet and leave the rest to their own devices.

The good news is: grace is also increasing – faster and bigger. He has plans for our good. He is not defeated.

(And no. I do not define grace as license to sin so let’s just get that out of the way right now. Grace is the means by which we are changed to become fully who God intended us to be.)

I asked the Lord (trying not to use my pouty voice), “What’s with all this unseasonable rain? At the moment it is so loud on the roof it’s drowning out our conversation about how terrible the news is today.”

Then I hear a line from a song:

“Hallelujah! Grace like rain falling down on me…”



Thank you, Lord! Grace in abundance like showers that keep coming and coming and coming is available when sin in abundance keeps coming. But grace is greater. Greater than evil. Greater than despair. Greater than pain and loss. Grace that is greater than all our sin.

When we are tempted to return hate for hate grace enables us to return good for evil. The fruit of the Spirit has to be a supernatural response from heaven or it is merely more human effort. And seriously, how have our own efforts been working for us in this season?

It’s time to turn from our own methods, access the grace for change that flows from the throne of God. It’s time to see the salvation of our God. This is the season of abundant rain.

bell flowers rain ch IMG_2565

God has more for us than we can ask or even think.

Just ask.

2 thoughts on “Grace Like Rain Pouring

  1. Paul

    Hallelujah! Great post Charis and so so true.

    You’ll enjoy this one Charis: I have a good female friend who is a mother of no less than 6 kids.She is a woman of great Faith and is also an elementary school teacher with two degrees. When she was younger she spent many years in professional acting and has a degree in that. She is also the most down to earth real person I know with a wicked sense of humor. When her youngest son Benjamin showed an unusual interest in the Lord (for a 3 year old) she trained him so that every time he saw a cross – no matter the context or environment – he would holler “Hallelujah!” at the top of his lungs. This became a sort of hallmark – I’d go shopping with her and the kids and we’d get separated but it wouldn’t be long before “Hallelujah!” would echo from a few aisles over as Ben spotted a cross. It was never hard to find her – Ha!


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