My Home and Native Land

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Election day in Canada is almost here. You know, this one feels different from all the other elections I have voted in. It’s been downright nasty. I have seen more  personal attacks on people running for office, and those who support them, than I can remember in previous elections. There seems to be more polarization, more angry people disagreeing on social media and in public places. I wonder how long it will take to heal after the signs come down.

As a response I would like to say this: THANK YOU!

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Thank you to all you hard-working people who are brave enough to stand on a platform and smile while people interrupt or shout at you or ask questions that are not really questions.

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Thank you to the workers who help with campaigns and who set up secure voting sites.

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Thank you to all the people who have served faithfully in public office in this land, at all levels, no matter what their party affiliations.

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Thank you for the hours spent in boring meetings, for making phone calls to help people caught in crisis, for negotiating both peace and prosperity with other nations, for protecting our rights to live by our conscience and beliefs, for being willing to live far from  friends and families to represent your constituency, for being vulnerable in front of cameras, for working for the welfare and safety of all your constituents.

Mayook pond autumn ch

Thank you for honouring our heritage by encouraging us to maintain the best parts of our cultures.

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Thank you for loving my country as much as I do.

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And to all the people who will be elected to parliament next week I say God bless you. My prayers are for you, not against you, that you will have vision for a peaceful, caring, unified, prosperous nation that works together to build an even  better country for generations to follow.

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I thank you and honour you for your willingness to serve.

Elk river autumn Fernie ch IMG_6680

God keep our land glorious and free.

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3 thoughts on “My Home and Native Land

  1. Allan Halton

    That, to me as well, has been a very significant thing about this campaign: the vicious personal attacks on those running for office. Whatever happened to respect, even for those with whom one disagrees? There has been so much of it on social media– the new voice of our age. I find it very revealing. Is that what is in the hearts of the voting populace these days? It is not a pretty picture.


    1. I hear you, Allan. I am hoping that there will be among the new members of parliament just one person who can bring peace and healing to the elected officials. I think there may be a lot of post traumatic stress after this election. There is going to need to be a lot of forgiveness among social media “friends” as well. Manipulation by fear and division is not the Canadian way. I believe respect, honour, integrity and caring are more powerful than we think.


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