IMG_2626 cows mountain meadow ch

The clouds, too, drink up their share,
raining it back down on the mountains from the upper reaches of Your home,
Sustaining the whole earth with what comes from You.
And the earth is satisfied.
Thus You grow grain for bread, grapes for wine, grass for cattle—
all of this for us.
And so we have bread to make our bodies strong,
wine to make our hearts happy,
oil to make our faces shine.
Every good thing we need, Your earth provides;
our faces grow flush with Your life in them.

(Psalm 104: 13-15 The Voice)

3 thoughts on “Sustaining

  1. Wondering Celt

    That Psalm could have been written for that photo!! Or the other way around is more likely, ay? Did you see what I did there?! Been spending time with a Canadian friend of mine here 😉


    1. I was showing my friend a country road she hadn’t been on before yesterday evening. We came around a corner and out of the forest and there was this scene. Yes, that Psalm fits, doesn’t it? Say hello to your Canadian friend for me, eh?


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