Risk and Faith

faith risk

Over several nights I had recurring dreams about being given various objects to carry, things like  brown shoes, musical notation paper, a rose etc. I was told in the dreams that I would need these things later. None of this made sense to me and I remember asking (still in a dream) what I needed them for.

The answer came, “If I tell you where I am going with all this, it will remove the element of faith.”

I knew then it was the Lord.

I think sometimes Abba doesn’t give us a detailed itinerary for the journey ahead because it is the act of taking a risk that enables Him to demonstrate His faithfulness -and really, the element of faith is all about  His faithfulness and not our own ability to drum up vast amounts of confidence in a desired outcome or “happy ending.”

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (active living rhema word). Sometimes that active, living word of God is simply, “Open the door.”

7 thoughts on “Risk and Faith

  1. For reasons known only to Him, God seems to operate somewhat mysteriously. But if faith is forged here, who am I to undermine what He sees fit to build??? Nicely taught lesson, Charis.


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