Dancing Upon Injustice

IMG_0497 Dancing on Iinjustice ch

Some friends invited me to join them for a week of thanksgiving and worship as they pray for a young dad with an aggressive form of cancer. For two evenings I sat at the back painting. This is just a cell phone shot of a quick painting but I’m posting it here as an invitation to pray for Jarrett, and any others you know of with life-threatening illnesses. It’s a painted prayer I call “Dancing Upon Injustice” because there is nothing just about cancer.

Originally I painted a night sky but the band started singing, “Open the floodgates of heaven…” and I started adding  waterfalls and eddies and sparkles of light. There is a place where cancer does not exist and we pray that God’s will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. I’ve never seen a worship dancer with army boots, but I think they should be standard issue, so I added those too.

Pray for Jarrett and his family.

6 thoughts on “Dancing Upon Injustice

  1. Charis – I know that Jesus and Father God dance upon the injustice of cancer. Perhaps some day I’ll be released to share how I know; for now, it is carried in my heart as Living as it was the day I experienced it. And oh ‘yes’! to worship dancers with standard issue army boots. God’s will be done in Jarrett’s life, his whole life, including his family. Amen.


  2. A wonderful painting! Thank you Lord that Your grace is amazing, Your power all surpassing and we pray for that to be poured out to Jarrett and his family. That they will rise up and praise You even more!


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