The Hope of Glory

IMG_0282 aspen acrylic ch crop

Saints of old the promise heard

and clung to the prophetic word.

For so long, by faith perceived,

the hope was given

and by faith received.

And they believed.

They believed.

They believed

in Christ in you,

the hope of glory.

I’ve been thinking of the people who were mentioned in the book of Hebrews as examples of great faith. They were also examples of great imperfections and the Bible doesn’t gloss over that. What strikes me this time is that none of them lived long enough to see the plan of God play out in the time and place they journeyed through. Faith is actually easier for us because so much more has been revealed to us than they had access to at that time.

My grandparents left everything behind seeking a better future for their children in a new land. They struggled to survive and never saw the promises fulfilled in their shortened life-times. How could they, who never had a washing machine or indoor plumbing, ever have imagined that one of their grandchildren would be on the team of engineers that invented the Canada Arm on the space shuttle – a crucial part of the exploration of the skies? But still they sacrificed to bring it about.

I wonder if I have faith to believe for prophecies beyond my life-time. There are bright and beautiful promises I can see from here, but I don’t know the timing or exactly how they will play out. This I know, the saints before me received hope by faith and it was accounted to them as righteousness. They walked in the hope. By faith I walk in the promise of hope that the light will grow brighter and brighter and the glory of Christ in my children’s children’s children will shine with a brilliance beyond my greatest imaginings.


4 thoughts on “The Hope of Glory

  1. Hi Charis, I so love your posts. I discovered you only today and just knew that we are kindred spirits. I am having a spiritual feast today, just feasting on the Living Bread of which your blog is part. I did not ask for this day, it was just decided for me by Father. And what a day! Started off with an early morning revelation after listening to a beautiful Anabaptist hymn on prayer and all my intentions of getting a lot of work done today, writing, disappeared like mist before the (Sun)! I haven’t been able to do a single thing that I planned for today. But am I complaining!? No, I think it was quite the most spiritually satisfying day I ever experienced. So I am still feasting on your posts…it is now 16:58 here in Cape Town, South Africa.
    But I really only wanted to ask you to give me the name of the font you are using for your post headings. I find it very beautiful but I don’t know the font.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful gems with us. Elsa.


    1. Hello, Elsa. What a lovely cheerful comment I found here this morning! We make our plans, but go with God’s flow, right? Flexibility requires a little more trust sometimes, but that’s all part of the journey, isn’t it?

      I think the font is called Fertigo.

      Blessings on your day!


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