Walk with Me

Elizabeth Lake white tree

As I went for a walk on a frosty afternoon yesterday the song “A Resting Place” by Paul Wilbur was running through my head. The air was calm and peaceful and Holy Spirit’s presence so gentle and warm that I forgot the cold weather. Can I share some photos from that walk with you?

cem leaf frost IMG_6731

My soul finds rest in God alone

My peace depends on Him

Elizabeth Lake trail 2 IMG_6907

In that place of quiet rest

He fills me from within

cem pine needles IMG_6749

He pours on me His holy oil

The Spirit of the Living God

Elizabeth Lake 2 trees IMG_6834

Then He takes me by the hand

And comforts me with His love

Comfort me with Your love

cem pine frost IMG_6721

Those who wait upon the Lord

New strength He gives to them

 frost row IMG_6763

He gives them wings like the eagle

That they might soar with Him

Elizabeth Lake bird IMG_6877

He weaves His strength into their lives

The Spirit of Adonai

 blue pine frost IMG_6754

Then He gives then all of His peace

To guard their hearts and their minds

Elizabeth Lake aspen frost IMG_6828

Guarding our hearts and minds

 wall IMG_6790

So come my soul now take your rest

Find your peace in Him

Elizabeth lake island IMG_6893

The Holy presence of the Lord

That fills you from within

cme birch frost IMG_6735

O pour on me Your holy oil

The Spirit of the Living God

Elizabeth Lake rosehips

Fill my cup Lord I lift it up

Until I overflow

Elizabeth Lake January 2

He comforted me with His love.

5 thoughts on “Walk with Me

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I’m sure these must be from British Columbia. Maybe the Kootenays? I have been all over the world, but have never experienced breathtaking, made-me-tear beauty like I did when I was in the Kootenays.


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