The Only Praise That Will Ever Matter

*His law is love and His gospel is peace*

mountain contrast

The word judgment is often burdened with an association to the concepts of condemnation and punishment. Sometimes judgment is about determining what is praise-worthy. Since only the Lord understands our deep motives and thoughts, and since we are easily manipulated by appearances, only He is qualified to judge.  It is the judge who awards the trophies -and His law is Love.

I think we may be surprised by what He chooses to praise in us.

It makes little difference to me how you or any human court passes judgment on me. I even resist the temptation to compare myself to the ever-changing human standardAlthough I am not aware of any flaw that might exclude me from this divine service, that’s not the reason I stand acquitted—the only supreme judge, our Lord, will examine me in the proper time. So resist the temptation to act as judges before all the evidence is in. When the Lord comes, He will draw our buried motives, thoughts, and deeds (even things we don’t know or admit to ourselves) out of the dark shadows of our hearts into His light. When this happens, the voice of God will speak to each of us the only praise that will ever matter.” (1 Corinthians 4:3-5 The Voice)

3 thoughts on “The Only Praise That Will Ever Matter

  1. The negative association with judgment is, indeed, unfortunate. I think many of us are offended by it because the carnal mind still thinks we’re not as bad as all that. So, offended, we judge God. But judgment is the basis of our salvation. It is our release from slavery. Of course, I speak of the cross. It is the foundation & fabric of the new creation, just as judgment was for the first creation–God divided light from dark, waters from waters, sea from dry land, etc. Good word 🙂


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