Advent begins

Long lay the world, in sin and error pining…DSC_0166 snow field soccer goals

And know this: in the last days, times will be hard.  You see, the world will be filled with narcissistic, money-grubbing, pretentious, arrogant, and abusive people. They will rebel against their parents and will be ungrateful, unholy,  uncaring, coldhearted, accusing, without restraint, savage, and haters of anything good. Expect them to be treacherous, reckless, swollen with self-importance, and given to loving pleasure more than they love God.

Even though they may look or act like godly people, they’re not.

They deny His power.

I tell you: Stay away from the likes of these.

(2 Timothy 3:1-5)

Apathy is not peace.

Pleasure is not joy.

Control is not order.

Tolerance is not love.

Self-sufficiency is not sufficient.

I ask no other sunshine, than the sunshine of Your face, oh Lord. Oh come, oh come, Emmanuel!

6 thoughts on “Coldhearted

  1. Ruth

    I recently got cablevision and TV after years without. What a trial it is to have to sift carefully for good on there! If anything absolutely affirms this
    passage of scripture it is programs like, New Jersey Housewives and other such reality TV series. I sometimes can’t find my clicker fast enough to shut-up the ads for that show and others. They reveal the exact behaviour this post describes – horrendous to think the participants in those shows are actually proud of those ways of living. I only wanted internet, but Shaw made it more affordable if I was willing to have cablevision too. I’m considering going without the good again to avoid the bad coming into my home.


    1. Hi, Ruth. I used to be such a TV addict. In fact I could measure the degree of my depression by how many hours I spent lost in TV land, although when it was really bad I couldn’t follow a plot more complicated than the weather report. Now I rarely watch. The world so many shows and news reports present are such scary negative places, and I don’t choose to fill my mind with their interpretation of reality anymore. I do love nature and artsy programs though. Sci-fi has some interesting discussion-worthy proposals sometimes, and gives my husband and I something to play verbal volleyball with.
      The thing about this scripture, in all honesty, is that I cannot categorize it as a them and us (or them and me) situation. I’m still working on letting the Lord teach me to think differently. Looking forward to the day when my heart is united to do it all His way.


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