Sometimes There Are No Words

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Did any of you parents ever hear your child wake from sleep with some panic fear and shriek the mother’s name through the darkness? Was not that a more powerful appeal than all words? And, depend upon it, that the soul which cries aloud on God, “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” though it have “no language but a cry,” will never call in vain.
– Alexander MacLaren

My friend’s handsome young son is dead.

In a moment of hopeless despair he took his own life.

All I can do is cry out.

I have no more words than that.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes There Are No Words

  1. Lord – for those in despair, those in isolation, those who feel at the end of hope – cover them with Your shelter, let them know Your great love, surround them with Your goodness so this does not have to happen. Show us how to find the, to reach them, to love them Lord.


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