Sometimes goodbye`s such a hard thing to say

There`s a Muppets song that always makes me cry.

Saying goodbye, going away

Seems like goodbye’s such a hard thing to say

Touching a hand, wondering why

It’s time for saying goodbye

Saying goodbye, why is it sad?

Makes us remember the good times we’ve had

Much more to say, foolish to try

It’s time for saying goodbye 

Don`t want to leave, but we both know

Sometimes it’s better to go

Somehow I know we’ll meet again

Not sure quite where, and I don`t know just when

You’re in my heart, so until then

Wanna smile, wanna cry

Saying goodbye

La la la la la la la la

It’s time for saying goodbye

I feel like singing it to the amazingly beautiful warm autumn we have had.

And crying.