Precious, Sacred

rose white ch rs IMG_4642

In the stillness of the midnight
Precious sacred scenes unfold.

Grief reminds me of plants in the same pot with tangled roots. We find a single loss is seldom single. To pluck one is to pull up the others.

My husband’s mother passed away this week. Seven times now we have been asked, “How aggressive do you want to be in treating this illness? The prognosis is very poor and anything we do now beyond comfort measures will simply prolong suffering.”

It’s a horrible question to have to answer. No matter what you do, other family members will be hurt by the decision. Where is the hope in uttering the answer that cannot be avoided?

No one told me this. The older you get, the more funerals you go to, and every one of them is attached to the grief for other people for whom you have grieved.

And yet we do not grieve as those without hope. For those whose hope is anchored in Jesus Christ, this is not the end.


The night before my mother-in-law passed away was the shortest night of the year. This is the photo I snapped before going to bed. Perhaps it is a reminder that in the great scheme of things, night passes quickly in the light of eternity. There is always, always something to be thankful for. God is still good.

sunset june 20 IMG_4560

This is the photo I snapped when I took my coffee out on the deck the next day. Joy comes in the morning.

garden spray light sq ch 2 IMG_4589_edited-2


5 thoughts on “Precious, Sacred

  1. Charis, may God of all comfort give you and your family comfort during this time. What beautiful photos. They are having a celebration party for your mother-in-law as she is home in heaven. No more sickness and pain, She is now part of the great cloud of witnesses, cheering you on. Blessings and hugs!


  2. Nicoly

    Charis, I wrote to you recently. I have come through the brain surgery…still fragile, but all went well. The morning after my surgery (22nd June) my Dad passed away too, overseas. News I did not want to hear when I was just ‘returning’ to the world. I wanted to see him again. I am unable to get to his funeral, but as you say God is still good. I feel with you. So you are not alone, we are not alone…may God strengthen us He so ably does.


    1. Yes, of course I remember, Nicoly. It’m thankful that the surgery went well. I’m sorry for your loss and being unable to travel right now. Praying for complete healing and that the God of all comfort will hold you close to his heart in his loving arms.


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