Anxiety: a poor use of space

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“We must learn to cast off our anxieties because we have so many of them. The world destroys spiritual life by generating constant anxiety. Jesus said that the life of the gospel is choked out by the cares of this world. We know this to be true yet we are more chained and tethered to the world than ever before in the human race.”

-John Ortberg

I’m still cleaning out corners of the garden. The old dead growth needs to go. I need the space for healthy plants.

I’m still cleaning out corners of my mind. Old ways of thinking need to go. I need the space for healthier thoughts.



8 thoughts on “Anxiety: a poor use of space

  1. Bonnie

    Me too, …I have been learning more about myself this year since Steve’s homegoing. I never knew or thought about losing a son. I think of Mary at the foot of her son’s cross death. It has taken me to new places, some dangerous, and scary. It revealed the nastiness I have kept buried for so long. “Weeding the garden,,,cleaning out thoughts” from my own memories has been beneficial. Mindfulness is the new buzz word….but Scriptures taught us this long long ago. If we only believed it!

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    1. Sometimes the lessons are harder as we get older, but experience has also taught us we can pull on grace more than we ever thought possible. God never stops creating in us a clean heart and space for more of Himself, does He?


  2. I think that as the Body of Christ becomes less and less afraid of hearing challenging words that are flowing from Father’s throne-room., and begins to embrace that all things flow out of His goodness and love, we will begin to propel thru our struggles and mindsets with such speed and vigor.

    Thank you for sharing this… wonderful.


  3. This was a really sweet and simple post. I write about anxiety on my blog as well and totally feel the same-anxiety is not what God intends, but it is something we can work on.


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