It Gots Bones

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Charis: Subject to Change


Have you ever read a brilliant quote –and were afraid to post it because the author has made other statements you don’t agree with?

I quoted someone I thought gave a delightfully pithy observation. Giving credit where credit is due, I named the the author, of course. Later someone contacted me saying, “I didn’t know you were a follower of McBarnacle! Are you aware of his eschatological position on the role of kumquats in the millennium, or his opinions on the Publicat party?”

OK. I made that up. But here’s my point: I do not worship human beings or consider any one of them to be right about everything –at least not as right as I am.

When my then three-year old grandson was visiting he asked me what I was making for supper. I told him chicken. He was quite excited because, as he said several times in a…

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2 thoughts on “It Gots Bones

  1. Susan Unger

    Dear Charis, Thank you! Thank you for this! I wonder if in our media age, in which we sit alone with our own devices, people forget to chew, discuss, debate, read more, talk to others, ask for clarification… I am sure that it takes hours to write your posts, read and re-read; tease the words into just the right order and sense, as well as adding your photography and art! Some readers, bless them for reading, think they can like/ unlike, add emojis and/or challenge your ideas, without ever digging deeper, figuring out where their own opinions, bias and facts have come from! I don’t think that we all need to believe the exact same things. I do agree that we need to read, discuss, and “chew more”! I like this post very much! Our God is very great and very worth knowing in deeper ways, which means chewing over the hard stuff and going head-to-head and heart-to-heart with him and with each other. I believe that this is how we encourage and sharpen one another.

    On that note, I am so sorry that I didn’t visit you while you were in the hospital here. Please forgive me! I would love to sit down and have some one to one chats with you. I won’t go through my excuses of why I was unable to come. Please know that I continue to pray for your full recovery! I so enjoy your blog posts and they always give me something to “chew on”! I look forward to some healing in my own life so that I can do writing for more than 15 minutes at a time and artwork too! The projects are getting crowded in my brain! I had another cortisone facet joint injection today and hoping that this helps with so much of the pain and nerve pain going down my arm and into my hand. I have had some success with previous injections and if they can keep me off of all or most of T he prescription meds I was taking, I will be joyful (as will my stomach, liver, kidneys and unfogged brain). Sending hugs, thanks and prayers, Susan

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    1. You wrote this on an iPhone? You are much more talented than I.

      I wasn’t in hospital long. They seem to push people through quite quickly now. Frankly, I’ve been told that although entertaining, I’m not at my best when in great pain and/or in a drugged stupor. I hope for an opportunity to visit when both of us are clothed and in our right minds.

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I can’t wait until you are well enough to write again. Your poetry is wonderful.
      Grace upon grace upon grace to you.


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