Like the Refreshing Rains

sunshower from deck warm  IMG_2667

I stood on my deck surrounded by a glorious sun shower. The abundance of light and refreshing cleansing rain seemed like  dramatic contrast to the ugliness of hatred in the world today.

This is part of  King David’s final prayer before leaving the rule of his country in the hands of his successor:

True God, bestow Your honest judgments upon the king
and anoint the king’s son with Your righteousness.

May he be honest and fair in his judgments over Your people
and offer justice to the burdened and suffering.

Under his reign, may this land of mountains and hills know peace
and experience justice for all the people.

May the king offer justice to the burdened and suffering,
rescue the poor and needy,
and demolish the oppressor!

[May the people fear You] for as long as the sun shines,
as long as the moon rises in the night sky, throughout the generations.

May the king be like the refreshing rains, which fall upon fields of freshly mown grass—
like showers that cool and nourish the earth.

May good and honest people flourish for as long as he reigns,
and may peace fill the land until the moon no longer rises.

(Psalm 72:1-7 The Voice )

Praying David’s prayer. May peace and justice fill the land -like refreshing rain.



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