Tell the Story

tell the story

The stories of God’s provision in our parents’ and grandparents’ lives are a precious inheritance. In the same way our stories not only build faith for our own journey, as we recall  them, they also build a foundation of faith for our children and for their children and for future generations.

My grandchildren ask for stories about their parents, about their grandparents and especially about themselves as babies. I tell them stories when we walk in the woods, when we travel together, when we get ready for bed. They especially want to hear the stories about miracles, about escapes from danger, about noble deeds and about the way God brought everything together to give them life and this precious moment right here, right now.

Do you have a story to tell of God stepping in to your own history?

Has he rescued you, healed you, or freed you from addictions?

Has He spoken to you through a song or an angel or left a gem on your bed?

Has a promise in the Bible caught your attention like a beacon in the dark?

Have you heard his voice in the shower or in the truck or had a dream that came true?

Have you experienced a co-incidence that is too much of a co-incidence to be a co-incidence?

Have you found your soul mate or a loyal friend or the child you were meant to adopt?

Have you walked a hard road and found that God’s grace did keep you and did get you through the valley?

Stories about God are not just for children but for anyone with ears to hear.

Would you tell me about it? I would love to hear.

I’ve told a lot of my stories here, how my paternal grandfather saw Jesus in the barn, how my maternal grandparents were late and missed their boat – the Titanic, how I found my lost keys deep in the forest, how God lifted depression, how I heard Him speak through a bicycle shop advertisement and a dancing prairie chicken, how God did a miracle in our son-in-law’s body and in a lot of other people’s hearts after he was given a 0% chance of surviving flesh-eating disease…

Now it’s your turn. What’s your God story? Just write in the comment box on the bottom. (You may need to click on “leave a comment” under the title first.)

Tell your story.

Listen, dear friends, to God’s truth,
bend your ears to what I tell you.
I’m chewing on the morsel of a proverb;
I’ll let you in on the sweet old truths,
Stories we heard from our fathers,
counsel we learned at our mother’s knee.
We’re not keeping this to ourselves,
we’re passing it along to the next generation—
God’s fame and fortune,
the marvelous things he has done.

He planted a witness in Jacob,
set his Word firmly in Israel,
Then commanded our parents
to teach it to their children
So the next generation would know,
and all the generations to come—
Know the truth and tell the stories
so their children can trust in God.

(Psalm 78 The Message)

A story worth telling:

10 thoughts on “Tell the Story

  1. Wondering Celt

    I’ve got a brand new fresh one for you….our 18 yr old passed her driving test on Thursday last week.
    Miracle No 1: she passed!
    Miracle No:2 she didn’t make any mistakes, something her driving instructor has only had happen once before in a 27 year career. My dear daughter is a scatty, unwilling and not really ‘natural’ driver!
    Miracle No 3: in Uk once you have passed your test insurance premiums rocket, leaving us with a bill of £926 ($1427) to pay on top of our annual premium today. On Saturday we heard that a distant American relative had died and left us $4000!!

    What a God!


  2. Heather

    God recently whispered in my heart that it’s okay to need help. And it’s okay to need medication. And it’s okay to rest in Him and just BE for a little while.


  3. I have so many stories of how God has worked in the lives of my family. I’m particularly fond of stories about how He has revealed Himself to my children. When Bethany was 4 she had a very treasured doll that she packed everywhere. One day it went missing. We search and searched and searched. Sitting on her bed, tears running down her face, we prayed that God would show us where to find her beloved Rachel. We went to the bathroom to dry her tears. Afterward, she walked back into room and Rachel was sitting on her bed. Bethany gasped and cried out, “Thank you God!” as she embraced her found friend.


    1. Wonderful! I love these stories!
      My daughter lost a ring at work. She knew she had taken it off and put it in a special container beside the sink in the craft area in her classroom. Several people helped her search, but it was nowhere to be found. She prayed and when she got home it was sitting in the middle of the mat when she opened the door.

      My husband lost a very valuable key someone entrusted to him. We searched and searched, then prayed. (When will we learn to pray first?) I suddenly had a picture of it in my mind’s eye beside some books in my office. (He had not been in there, and I had not seen or handled the key before.) I looked there and saw no key. Then I lifted the books and there is was underneath. I called him and in my excited explanation set the books and key down on the desk. Then I realized that’s what I saw – the key beside the books on my desk. God is good!


  4. CK

    What an exciting new adventure to have found your blog. And then you made the invitation to share a story.
    Every day has a story or two to share… Sometimes our eyes and ears are not focused on the story unfolding before or around us, so we MISS it!!!
    Today also has a story, and because it is ‘fresh off the press’, I want to share it.
    The story has so many threads that I can begin with, but I’ll simply start with me having to go run errands at the shopping centre.
    On leaving, I started singing the refrain of a song aloud which had been ‘playing’ in my heart since waking….
    I’m no singer, but I know the Lord is putting a NEW SONG in my heart just for Him. HalleluYah!
    Passing in the aisle to the express cash register, my eye caught the BIBLES for sale in the shop.. And it struck me how I am in search for a KING JAMES VERSION BIBLE. There were none on the shelf.
    Exiting the shop, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a bookstore in the same centre. I had never been to the secular bookstore before.
    I passed all the catergorized shelves… At the RELIGION shelf there were no Bibles, only daily devotionals and other motivational books.
    Usually I leave the shop on not finding what I am looking for. Not this morning. “Go and ask the ladies at the counter,” is what I heard in my heart.
    Yes, they do have Bibles on the shelf behind the counter… any translation and language…
    I found the KJV I had hoped to find …
    Paying for the Bible, the cashier began telling me her testimony of how her and her husband had been taken out of jobs and placed in totally new fields to earn their salaries. They minister to young people addicted to drugs and alcohol and pray, pray, pray until something happens.
    Why this is a ‘touching story’ for me today, is because my husband is at a point of desperation and hopelessness after 35years at the same job.
    Where this lady and her husband had been taken out of, is the place where he is now. There is HOPE. There is a GOD who HEARS. There is a PROMISE of a NEW BEGINNING for those who lean and rely on the LORD. Amen
    I returned home just in time for my husband to leave for afternoon shift. Panic nearly overwhelmed me for keeping him waiting longer than I had anticipated.
    I prayed. I asked for favour in his eyes. I asked for calmness of spirit when I climb out of the car and had to face him.
    There was no stress or harshness on arriving home.
    The Holy Spirit said : You had to make a visit to the bookstore to hear a story of HOPE for him in his situation. Your timing will never be out if you are busy doing what I, the Lord have planned for you each day.

    When he had left for work ten minutes after I had arrived home, the WHOLE song came pouring out of my heart over my lips :

    In moments like these I sing out a song,
    I sing out a love song to Jesus.
    In moments like these I lift up my hands,
    I lift up my hands to the Lord.

    Singing I love You, Lord.
    Singing I love You, Lord.
    Singing I love You, Lord,
    I love You.

    It’s in moments that the Lord speaks to us and ministers to us in TRUTH and LOVE. Make every moment count. He loves us. And therefore we must share the stories for the next generation.


  5. My story happened today, and thank you for allowing us to share our stories on your blog Charis. I have a soul mate and we have early morning devotions on whatsapp (on my Android tablet.) We listen to a Hymn of S.E. Samonte every morning, pray, share spiritually. I further write to him a long letter almost every day… (He is Jewish and I led him to the Lord… I also baptized him. He is so hungry for God.) This morning I wrote the following and I will let it speak for itself…
    “…I wasn’t going to write to you this morning… I was going to write during the day and send tomorrow morning, but, listening to the hymn this morning, SE Samonte, “Have you thought to pray this morning,” I suddenly had a revelation in my spirit… I have always longed to be able to be in the Lord’s physical presence, to sit at His feet, not even to talk to Him, just to be there, looking at Him, listening to Him, learning everything about Him that I am observing, just to BE with Him and it suddenly struck me that entering the presence of God is not only for great Christians – not for the likes of me – to enter into the very Throne Room and to sit at His feet!!! We enter the very Throne Room, the very presence of God every time we “talk” to Him, when we pray. We are not just talking to Him, asking Him things, thanking Him and glorifying Him with our vocal chords… We come into His physical presence! No need to ask Him to let me experience His physical presence! I do and I am! This is life-changing! Now I can understand that when we worship Him through song also, like Don Moen, the serene but ecstatic expressions and gestures that the people have and make is because, for them, entering His presence through worship in prayerful song is a reality! This is so simple…. How could I possibly not have known it!? I am always talking to Father and even begging Him to make His presence real to me, as if I was just talking to Him, asking Him, not realizing that in praying I do enter His very presence!
    So this is my story freshly happened this morning.


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