While He Lay Dying

I’ve been helping (in a small capacity) my daughter and our beloved son-in-law write their story. The book is titled While He Lay Dying and is the story of one little family in a small city who saw the love of God through the worst circumstances, as a young husband and father lay comatose, and on life support, his body shut down from toxic shock after contracting flesh-eating disease. The odds of his surviving were 0%. For a long time he lingered as near to death as his doctors had ever seen in a person who survived. His recovery was nothing short of miraculous. There were angel sightings, reconciliations, revelations, heart-healings and far too many co-incidences to be co-incidences, but it was not an easy time. Every day our emotions rode a roller coaster.

Going through proofs with them has stirred up a lot of feelings for me. They tell their story honestly, candidly and dare to boast in the lessons God showed so many during that time, as tens of thousands around the world joined to pray with perseverance for the life of one man. A physician on the team also contributes his account of witnessing this event and a pastor shares profound insights that are significant for the universal Church –the Body of Christ.

I am overwhelmed that the Lord allowed me to be a part of this story, and even though I like to think I am a writer, words fail me. Today I use some of my images to describe the feelings of those days with music by Vitali.


From the Foreword by Bishop Todd Atkinson:

Jesus trusted His Father and gave Himself over to death on the cross,
Then followed a long Friday night and a long Saturday…
And while he lay in the grave, His followers asked,
“What was that all about?”

For some of you it’s been a long wait…
Something died years ago.
Some part of your faith died.
Some part of your hope died.
Some promise you were holding on to died.
We cannot raise ourselves out of that…

But we’ve got a Father who is able to.

10 thoughts on “While He Lay Dying

  1. Father – there are so many stories in our lives that we prefer not to have but they are also the places where You show us just how great Your love is. Bless this family of love as they share Your grace and goodness through this book….


    1. Thank you, Hazel. I think they have done a fine job with the book. They deal with questions as they come up, such as disappointment and working through pain when prayers are not answered to our liking. Friends whose precious little girl died in a similar ICU share about overcoming grief and venturing to have faith again. Several people who were woken in the night to pray and realized they needed to reconcile with someone first also talk about their experiences via Facebook posts. Our daughter gets practical about how to help people in crisis, and even the children have moments when God spoke through them. It’s quite an amazing story really.

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      1. Charis, the book sounds like a faith expander. Seeing God’s hand move in lives is one of my favorites. Bringing God’s abundant life and reversing what seems impossible is what he delights to give. I know your grandchildren were forever changed with mighty faith.
        God is so good!


    1. Thank you, Ann. Nice to make your acquaintance. If everything goes as planned ( 🙂 ) it should be out by late November or the beginning of December. A Website should be up shortly. It will also be available as an eBook for overseas readers.


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