Therefore I remember

The world lost another beloved soul to depression today. I enjoyed Robin William’s work very much and will always remember his twinkling blue eyes. But I also understand that humour often springs from pain. I remember what it is like to be in that lonely place without hope — in the midst of other people enjoying life. I am re-blogging a remembrance of that place in hope… in hope that knowing that someone has survived hopelessness will allow one more person, perhaps you, to let someone else carry hope for you when the darkness seems unending… in hope that the Light will fill your heart and never leave.

Charis: Subject to Change

Someone asked me recently, “What is the difference between heartache and depression?” Having known both I could answer, “Heartache causes you to cry out, in your pain, to the God of hope; depression causes you to lose sight of hope.”

I do not believe that humankind faces any greater pain than the loss of hope. I’ve had a lot of painful physical problems in my life, but none so bad that I wanted to die just so the pain would stop. Depression made me want to die.

I was familiar with the sense that the dark clouds were again descending and feeling helpless to stop the storm that sucked all the colour out of my life. If you understand what I mean by this, I urge you to keep your eyes on the sliver of light on the horizon, and when it disappears, to cling by faith to the memory…

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