Oh My God, You’re Relentless

IMG_0230relentless reainbow


Another outstandlingly bright rainbow appeared over my garden this week. I put down my work and just reveled in its beauty for a while. After the three that showed up on the same day, (here)  it was another over-the-top reminder of the keeper of promises.

We don’t need to give up our day jobs and permanently park at signs of beauty or grieve when they fade though. Signs point to something greater than themselves.

I heard a new musician lately -well, new to me. It seems a lot of worship groups are comprised of attractive, energetic young people with strong, healthy bodies, thick shiny hair and impressive orthodontic work.  I appreciate a praise band made up of members who look like they’ve been around the block. There’s an authority there. Some young people get it, but usually only time spent in the trenches gives a singer/songwriter the right to sing about endurance and promises kept. I had been listening to Bob Book’s song, Relentless, when the rainbow showed up.


Sometimes I find myself down in the valley

And the shadow is hanging so low.

I can’t see my way to tomorrow.

There’s something I know:

There’s a deeper magic ,

There’s a higher truth than these eyes of flesh can see

And I’m holding on,

My hand in Yours,

You are the greater reality.

Relentlessly good,

Relentlessly kind,

Unendingly patient to the questions we find.

Even the bad can work for the good.

Relentlessly faithful,

even when You’re misunderstood.

In a world where nothing seems certain

Your love is relentless.

Oh my God, You’re relentless!

-Bob Book from Relentless, from the album A Divine Conversation


8 thoughts on “Oh My God, You’re Relentless

  1. Charis, FYI had to click on the YouTube link to get it. It’s a great song. I hadn’t heard of him either, but what truth there is in the lyrics, especially, as you said, for those of us who have had that “ocean falling over us.” Beautiful post. Thank you.


    1. Oh Susan, I am so techno-challenged. Sometimes I put a youtube link in the comments for the first day because the WordPress feed doesn’t show the photo if I include it on the blog post. I edit it back in to the blog the next day. The link works on mine. Any suggestions?
      I first heard Bob Book and his band in Seattle. I appreciate his thoughtful, honest lyrics. And he knows how to kick it old school.


      1. Oh, yeah, he definitely kicks it; part of what I appreciated about the song – the raw emotion of it.

        Re: the links: I’m techno-challenged myself, but found that http://www.bitly.com works when I want to insert a link into my blog. It shortens the link, and also provides a picture. There’s a bar on top where you simply paste and copy the original link. If you want to set up your own account, you can also share it on Twitter and FB.

        Hope that helps! 🙂


  2. So, I imagine you know that these lyrics were sent on to my friend whose son just died, and who struggles to be able to live and express her faith in Jesus while her husband and son are seething with anger at anything remotely religious. Our God is so good at weaving the tapestry of his children.


    1. Corrie ten Boom who was imprisoned in the concentration camp in Buchenwald during WWII and who lost her sister there wrote, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.”
      She had the authority to say that.

      Still praying for you and your dear friends.


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