nothing too hard ch

Jeremiah didn’t get it. Essentially He complained to God, “You asked me to go pay good money and sign legal documents to purchase a piece of land that you already told me will be captured by foreign invaders. I can see the destruction that’s coming; you made me a prophet, remember? This does not seem like good stewardship to me.”

“You don’t get it because you’re too short-sighted, Jerry. I have a plan that goes beyond your generation, a plan that will bring long-lasting peace and prosperity and a renewed relationship with me. You weep and wail and get depressed because you see the immediate pain of loss. I see the joy of restoration,” God answered.

“You just prayed, ‘Ah, Sovereign Lord, nothing is too hard for You.’

Were you even listening to yourself? I’m asking you an obviously rhetorical question here. ‘Is anything too hard for me?’

Care to answer?

Trust me, Jerry.

….And that is not a suggestion.”

(My very, very loose paraphrase of Jeremiah 32)


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