Change is Messy

IMG_7324 Gold Creek March Thaw vertical

He dispatches His word,

and the thaw begins;

at His command, the spring winds blow,

gently stirring the waters back to life.

(Psalm 147:18)

The creek is filled with water again. Sometimes the waters are gently stirred back to life, and sometimes spring happens suddenly and dramatically . Last week we shivered in the deep, deep freeze of winter. Some nights felt like the coldest nights of the season and snow fell upon mounds of snow. But a couple of days ago temperatures rose so rapidly that the snow turned to rain and the ice melted rapidly, turning streets into impromptu streams and lakes. Since the ground is still frozen the water is making a mess of our town -and a lot of it is pouring into people’s basements. Lots of pleas for plumbers and pumps and wet shop vacuum cleaners are going out on Facebook today. We have a small lagoon in the center of the family room ourselves.

So, the thing we have longed for, a break in the cold, is finally here, and it’s messy and inconvenient and costly – but the prospect of promise fulfilled feels so good.

Change is like that sometimes.


Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

(Proverbs 13:12)

10 thoughts on “Change is Messy

      1. Christ is risen from the dead
        trampling over death by death!
        Come awake! Come awake!
        Come and rise up from the grave!
        Oh death, where is your sting?
        Oh grave, where is your victory?
        Christ is risen!

        Lord of the harvest, send forth your joyful reapers!


    1. We are grateful it didn’t rain today as predicted. Most people are faring better, although the roads will need repair when this is done. On another note I am also so grateful to the Mennonite Disaster Service. Because of their help our son and his family have a kitchen floor ready for grouting and insulation on the lower level of their house (that was in the flood in High River last June.) I admire these dear people who have made a commitment to stay for the long haul to help people still recovering. Remember High River. They still need our prayers. There is still so much to do. (And if anyone is interested a lot of kids lost their bikes and outdoor toys and sports equipment in the flood. They will miss them when the weather turns warm. There is a need for volunteer gardeners who can help replant grass and flowers too.)


      1. I didn’t know that there was still so much to do. What a difficult and lengthy process, this rebuilding and putting one’s life back in order. I’m so glad your son has gotten that much-needed floor! I will rememeber that area as I pray for our nation….


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