Thanks. I needed that.

Diane Rivers

Confession time.  Lately I’ve realized there are a number of things in my life that really aren’t up to me. I may have a role to play in them or I may wish I had more influence over them, but the end result is actually out of my hands. Frankly, if I’m to be truthful, this is kind of a relief.

Here are ten, in no particular order.

It’s not my job:

1.To bring others around to my way of thinking – I am entitled to my opinion and have a responsibility to form these opinions based on truth and prayerful consideration. But ultimately it’s not up to me to decide for someone else or attempt to convince them of a different point of view, however well-intentioned I may think I am.

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  1. What a great post! Imagine feeling so much passion in a response to “greige”!

    This is the line that really jumped out at me: “This is the hue that results from throwing every committee member’s idea, sans discernment or direction, into the same mixer, then lightening it up slightly with a bit of off-white politeness.” Oh, that is so well-said, so true. Your writing is a delight.


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