First Love

We saw Jesus Revolution yesterday. Wow, that brought back memories! I remembered the clothes, the hair, the music, the Romeo and Juliet clip (I let my straight dark parted-in-the-middle hair grow down to my waist after seeing that movie). I also remembered the atmosphere in those days. It reminded me a lot of what is happening again. We were also a generation with trust issues.

I’m a few months younger than Greg Laurie, the searching high school student in the movie. We both grew up in the Cold War years with the threat of nuclear annihilation feeling very real. Some guys I knew were drafted to fight, against their wills, in a proxy war they were told was to protect their way of life. We were manipulated by media marketing that urged our parents to go into debt to make sure we got to the consumer trough first. We witnessed the consequences of pollution and environmental carelessness in the name of corporate profit. We were offered unrestrained sexual expression and recreational drug use as valid, mind-expanding escapes. Sound familiar?

Lately, my attention has been drawn to a phrase inspired by the message in the book of Revelation to the church in Ephesus, a church that worked hard at doing good deeds, but somewhere along the way had lost the plot. The phrase is: “Return to your first love.”

Sometimes, when a married couple is struggling, a counselor will ask, “What first attracted you to each other?” Sometimes in the three-legged race that is a partnership that includes kids, financial and time budgets, and differing priorities, we can lose the plot and forget why we even entered this crazy contest. Sometimes, in a church with all the complexities of “one-anothering,” in a group with an even greater variety of beliefs, expectations, and quirks, we lose the plot.

The film provoked me to remember first love. I remembered falling in love with the guy who would become my husband. I wanted to know him better. I also remembered giving my yes to the invitation to “know Jesus” and get baptised.

What did I know about love? Frankly, like Greg in the movie, I had no guarantee that the love Jesus offered was not just another manipulative ploy to get me to serve “a way of life” some institution decided ought to be preserved. Like Greg, I took the risk and discovered that Jesus was who he said he was.

By the end of the film, the man who has loved me and stayed with me through some pretty tough times in the past fifty years was still there sitting beside me, holding my hand. Tears filled our eyes as we remembered our mutual first love for each other and for Jesus and his faithfulness to us. It’s something we dearly want to see the current generation of young people experience.

He’s real, man.

5 thoughts on “First Love

  1. Charis, glad you and your hubby got to watch the Jesus Revolution together. We are entering the time of something bigger than the Jesus Movement. Some pockets of a sovereign move of God are hitting some college campuses in the USA and other places. As times get darker, the light will shine brighter and a billion plus souls will burn on fire for the Lord.


  2. Complacency
    Just sharing a vision concerning the Day of the Lord given to Tony Puccio

    Complacency –

    “Delilah is known as an anointing robbing spirit. Complacency is how it operates against the Ekklesia in the vision I saw.

    I had a vision/ word, 02/28/2023, while driving. In the vision I saw an individual, representing the Ekklesia, with their head on the lap of a woman who was stroking their hair lulling them to sleep. The, “sleep”, here is the sleep of complacency and the woman is the spirit of Delilah. If you remember when Samson laid on Delilah’s lap he gave no thought of his Nazarite vow, willingly revealed the secret of his strength, i.e., anointing, and was subsequently robbed of it. When his enemy then attacked he “presumed” that everything was as it was but had not realized that the Spirit had left him thus allowing the enemy to bind and blind him.

    We must guard our relationship with Jesus and never take for granted that His Holy Spirit will be with us if we, by becoming complacent, allow the fire 🔥 to go out.

    Matthew 24:12 (TPT) 12 There will be such an increase of sin and lawlessness that those whose hearts once burned with passion for God and others will grow cold.”

    Tony Puccio


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