We Bring the Sacrifice of Shrubbery

It’s been a while since I wrote this blog, but Palm Sunday brings back good memories of good people. In the intervening years I may have been seen waving a flag or two, but I still dance like I have at least one foot nailed to the floor.

Charis: Subject to Change

cedar in the rain ch rs 004

Palm trees don’t grow in this part of the world.

This profound thought came to mind this morning as I was preparing to go to church for Palm Sunday. In past years we were supplied with palm fronds from some distant place when we entered the building in preparation for the annual Palm Sunday praise march. The march is the yearly event when most of our decently-and-in-order introverted type congregation shuffles out of the pews and follows the children in a sort of reverse Pied Piper conga line for the rhythmically impaired out the emergency exit, once around the parking lot, back in the hall doors, through the nursery, past the washrooms, to return to the sanctuary. By this time the straggling solitary voices singing choruses are usually not only out of breath and out of sync with the organ, but are probably not even singing the same song.


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2 thoughts on “We Bring the Sacrifice of Shrubbery

  1. I like that…never thought about palm branches being a rare commodity, and thus a sacrifice! Anything rare and precious (which may just be to us), that we shower on the Lord and His body out of pure love, is an act of worship. Thank you again, Charis, for an insightful thought to bless our day.


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