Faith Knows

minnewanka mountain lake smoke ch rs DSC_0151

The mountain, seen dimly through the haze of summer wildfire smoke, is no less solid than the mountain seen in cool crisp detail on a clear spring morning.

The promise of God, seen faintly through the haze of seasonal untamed pain, is no less solid than the promise seen in the clear still glory of His Presence.

Faith knows.

4 thoughts on “Faith Knows

  1. Christ our solid rock mountain is always our refuuge and help, in times of trouble. Even when it seems he can’t be seen, he is always near. His defeat of the enemy of our souls, is our victory. My friend, Charis, speaking to the pain and telling it to leave you. You are not alone. God walks with you! Praying for your strength through the journey. Love and prayers, Hazel


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