Hope for the Betrayed

Some blog posts are written in crayon and some in blood. The process was not easy for this one. It was years in the making but full of reward. Blogging at Ishshah’s Story this week.

Ishshah's Story

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I’ve learned to pay attention when unusual co-incidences occur in my life. When the same book or the same topics pop up in random conversation and unexpected places I tend to wonder if there is a reason. The recurring topic this week was about people who have been deeply wounded by experiences in the church; the name that popped up is that of a man I haven’t thought about in years.

I was a naive sixteen-year old when I met him. He was the youth program director at church.

It was many years ago and I have long since forgiven, although forgiveness was not an easy or quick process. True forgiveness requires acknowledgment of the seriousness of the offense and I was in denial for a long time. I stumbled around until I found trustworthy people who could help.

Let’s just say he was not the person he wanted people…

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