When It’s Time to Call Kingdom Support

This is so good — especially if you’ve ever felt foolish for listening to the wrong advice. Allison Bown (no r) is a brilliant writer. Thank you Allison!

In Focus

What's Missing

Sometimes what looks true isn’t always the Truth. Like the recent snappy pop-up window that promised to speed up the performance of my computer, it looked authentic. After all, my Mac was getting a bit slow, so why not go for the quick fix?

So I did it. Without investigating further, I signed up for the easy service that promised to protect me and my computer. I opened the door wide and invited it in—only I didn’t just get a new program, I got all the adware and malware and a whole host of other “wares” that quickly took over my operating system.

It wasn’t a virus. Just a bad idea. Pretty soon, there was a number to call on my screen that promised to help, but that call connected me to a very insistent foreign man who wanted to scare me by saying that all my information was about…

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