I don’t work there anymore

I needed to hear this again today. Sometimes God allows painful memories to surface to remind us that we have not cut the ties with past events or people who have caused us to live in fear. I didn’t realize those voices still have an influence and I need to stop listening to them. How about you?

Charis: Subject to Change


Long ago and far away I worked in a really crazy office. The two women who ran the department were nuts -and I say that in the nicest possible way. They actually threw books at each other. Since my desk was between theirs I learned to duck when “Olga” began her wind-up.  She had a good arm but her pitches were often low. Olga qualified as a United Nations translator, but when people she didn’t like required her services, she suddenly developed a thick accent and twenty word English vocabulary. She would hand me the phone and I got to pass the messages on. Yet Olga had power. She had been there forever, knew the dirt on everyone and wasn’t afraid to drag it up. She even made the company president cower.

“Lulu” was Olga’s assistant. She had the worst bouts of PMS I have ever witnessed. Most of the…

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