Someone Likes Cake

Somebody likes cake


I laughed out loud when I saw this photo these kids’ dad sent me. (He gave me permission to use it.) He captioned it, “Someone likes cake.”

It gave me joy.

I realized later this is a picture of hope. Talk about vision-led endurance.

The hope in the heart of the believer is not a wish to win the lottery or that our team wins. Hope for the follower of Jesus Christ is an expectation that he is true to his word, that what we have seen and have come to believe about who he is and his promises to us is being accomplished. It’s an actual substance we can see by faith.

Hope is joyous anticipation that the promise of cake in the oven will be fulfilled in the mouth — maybe with a little ice cream on the side.




8 thoughts on “Someone Likes Cake

  1. When mom got her first microwave, she made cupcakes in it. A nephew about their age would stand on the chair waiting for them to be done. Mom’s name changed to “Diane cupcake” 😀



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