Peace comes from within -when the Prince of Peace dwells within.

I [Paul] am a servant appointed by God to preach the Word of God until it is known to you and all over—what I am talking about is nothing less than  the mystery of the ages! What was hidden for ages, generations and generations, is now being revealed to His holy ones. He decided to make known to them His blessing to the nations; the glorious riches of this mystery is the indwelling of the Anointed in you! The very hope of glory. (Colossians 1:25-27)

9 thoughts on “Mystery

      1. We get used to it. We live within an hour of the American border so we are exposed to American media and see offers that are not valid for us all the time. The internet can be a bit frustrating though -especially when things like eBooks can cost three times as much to download from the Canadian Amazon site as the American. I think it has something to do with licensing, but it’s annoying sometimes. What was the name of the song? Maybe I can find it elsewhere.


    1. I was on a mission to take photos for a promotional for a friend, but when fog rolled and I couldn’t see anything I decided to drive a few miles over to the lake and wait for it to clear. This scene was a gift. God is good.


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