Swept Away

When you pass through the waters,
    I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
    they will not sweep over you.

(Isaiah 43:2)

The Jordan River
The Jordan River

The day started yesterday with a call for help from a friend with a flooded basement. It ended with a call from my son who let me know he and his family had escaped  from High River, Alberta, which is now under water, and finally making contact with my brother who is trapped in his home near the edge of the raging Cougar Creek in Canmore, Alberta. His wife and our elderly father are on the other side of the washed out TransCanada Highway.

Our daughter also called. She and her family are caught on the other side of washed-out roads and are not sure how to get home.

I am in Alberta visiting another son and family, watching news reports of submerged towns and washed-out highways, and realizing my husband is on the other side of the Continental divide -and a lot of missing asphalt. I have no idea how or when I can get home.

We live in a land-locked place at high elevation, one of the least-likely places in the world to flood, or so you would think.

But the rains came down.

We are thankful that so far we know of no loss of life, although one person is missing from my son’s neighbourhood and we pray for her. The loss of property and damage is tremendous though. Some of that property, like the property in Canmore, was very expensive. My brother was musing about a property’s value if that property has been mostly swept away, as some of the lots on his street have been.

Can we ever really say we own anything?

That’s the thought I am left with this morning. How much of our time and energy and focus is spent on things which can be swept away?

Sometimes I think that God, in His mercy, shakes us up so we will not settle on foundations that can be swept away. In the light of eternity how trivial wood and plaster and paint on a patch of grass seem.

The message I hear in my heart today is: Don’t settle. There is a much firmer foundation available to you.

So as the children’s song says,”So build your life on the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessings will come down.”

20 thoughts on “Swept Away

  1. Our hearts go out to you all as the news reports come in. The pictures are all so awful. I am hearing reports now of fatalities as well. Even the mountains are not always high enough! Your words are wise – especially in these, the ‘last days’, when the earth grows old as a garment, we need to remember where our true foundation lies.


    1. Thank you, Melody. I have heard from our son who is a pastor in High River. Their house, the church building, and the children’s school have been flooded. In fact the entire city has been evacuated and nearly every house and business severely, if not irreparably damaged. The city has been decimated -and it is only one of many communities affected. Yet he posted today that he knew he was standing in grace deeper than the water at his “lake front property.”
      There were four fatalities there and we weep with their loved ones.
      My daughter and family have not been able to return home because of wash-outs and my brother and father and sister-in-law are cut off from each other and the rest of the country in Canmore. I haven’t been able to reach my dad yet today. I think he has been evacuated from the senior’s home but I don’t know where he is, although I received a short message that he is alright.
      We also pray for communities downstream where the surge of water has not yet arrived.


      1. How sad. The water will be on its way toward SK communities, soon. I pray for strength and perspective for your son as a pastor – he will be hard-pressed now to act out his faith in creative and real ways before a people so hard-pressed themselves. May God’s people rise up in love and grace and generosity now!


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    1. You know, Deborah, sometimes I feel like my blog could be re-named “Disaster de jour.” It has been a tough, tough season, for sure. But the bigger the problem, the bigger our God can show Himself to be. And He has never let us down.

      But to be honest, I’m about ready for a few blessings that are not in disguise.


      1. Nah. I take that back. We have many obvious blessings! To put things in perspective a flood in India has killed hundreds this week. And perhaps more than a thousand are missing. We are still blessed and very grateful.


      2. I completely understand dear, and I keep telling myself that after much tribulations cometh the blessings ~ and believe me, yours are going to be poured in heavenly abundance ! Be of good cheer, for all things really do work out for our good. I’m praying for you dear. xoxo


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